Game Xtreme

Used Video Games


GameXtreme is located next to O’Reilly’s Auto in Pocahontas, AR. We buy, sell, trade and rent and have been in business for almost twenty years.

GameXtreme has everything from the classics like Atari and Nintendo to the hot new systems and games like XBox 360, PS3 and Nintendo DS and everything in between. Our staff is very knowledgeable about movies and games. If nothing else, come in and chat with us- we love to talk games!

We also sell comic books, knives, novelties and collectables. Speaking of collectables come see our walls covered with collectibles of all sorts. Star Wars, lunch boxes, Mario, video game premiums and much more.

How we work:

GameXtreme buys, sells, trades and rents old and new video games and systems. We buy for cash but give 30% more in in-store credit. We give far more in trade or cash than the big guys like Game Stop. We carry games, systems and accessories for most any platform; old and new. GameXtreme also repairs scratched discs of any sort- movies, music and games.